How To Spot Fake Jordan 4S: A Definitive Guide

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4S: A Definitive Guide

Ever wondered if the pair of Jordan 4s you just bought is the real deal or a clever knockoff? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to tell if Jordan 4s are fake without any fuss or confusion. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or simply want to ensure your hard-earned cash is well spent, learning the telltale signs of counterfeit Jordans is a skill worth having. So, grab your magnifying glass and get ready to learn the secrets of spotting fake Jordan 4s.

How to Spot Fake Jordan 4s: A Definitive Guide

How to Tell If Jordan 4s Are Fake

When it comes to sneaker culture, few brands hold as much prestige as Air Jordan. Released in 1989, the Air Jordan 4 (or Jordan 4s) quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its iconic design and innovative features. However, with popularity comes the rise of counterfeit products, and fake Jordan 4s have flooded the market. If you’re an avid sneakerhead or simply looking to buy a pair of Jordan 4s, it’s crucial to know how to spot fakes. In this article, we’ll dive into the key details and features that can help you determine if Jordan 4s are authentic or fake.

1. Examine the Box

The first step in verifying the authenticity of Jordan 4s is to inspect the box they come in. Manufacturers of fake sneakers often neglect the box’s details, so pay close attention to the following:

  • Labeling: Authentic Jordan 4 boxes feature high-quality printing and embossing. Look for clear, sharp text without any smudges or blurry lines.
  • Serial Numbers: Every pair of authentic Jordan 4s has a unique serial number on the box label. Make sure the serial number matches the one on the shoe’s tag.
  • Manufacturer Sticker: The box should have a manufacturer sticker with information about the shoe size, colorway, and production country. Ensure that the details on the sticker align with the sneakers.

2. Inspect the Quality of Materials

The Air Jordan 4 is known for its premium construction and top-notch materials. Counterfeit pairs often fall short in quality, so take a close look at the materials used in the shoe, including:

  • Leather: Authentic Jordan 4s feature high-quality leather that feels smooth and supple to the touch. Check for consistent stitching and no signs of glue residue.
  • Midsole: The midsole of genuine Jordan 4s is made of polyurethane (PU) and has a firm yet comfortable feel. Fakes may have cheap, poorly molded midsoles.
  • Mesh: Jordan 4s often have mesh panels for breathability. Legitimate pairs have a sturdy mesh material that feels durable.
  • Rubber Outsole: Authentic Jordan 4s have rubber outsoles with clear patterns and proper grip. Counterfeits may have less defined patterns or inferior rubber quality.

3. Analyze the Design and Details

The Air Jordan 4 has distinct design elements and specific details that fakes frequently overlook. Here are some features to inspect:

  • Toe Box Shape: Legitimate Jordan 4s have a rounded, slightly bulbous toe box. Fakes often have a boxy or overly pointy shape.
  • Wings Logo: The Jordan 4s feature the iconic Wings logo on the side of the shoe. Ensure that the logo is crisp, well-defined, and positioned correctly.
  • Netting: Authentic Jordan 4s have netting on the sides. Counterfeit pairs may have netting that feels flimsy or has an incorrect diamond pattern.
  • Lace Loops: Genuine Jordan 4s have plastic or metal lace loops with clean edges and precise placement. Counterfeit versions might have rough edges or misaligned loops.
  • Air Unit: The Air Jordan 4 incorporates visible Air units in the heel. Look for a clear air bubble with the Nike Air logo.

4. Check the Logo and Branding

The branding on Jordan 4s is a crucial aspect to verify authenticity. Pay attention to the following details:

  • Jumpman Logo: Authentic Jordan 4s have a Jumpman logo on the tongue, heel, and outsole. Check that the logo is well-crafted, proportionate, and accurately positioned.
  • Tongue Label: Examine the tongue label for any inconsistencies in font, spacing, or alignment. Genuine Jordan 4s have high-quality labels with clear text.
  • Inside Tag: Authentic sneakers have a label inside the shoe that includes sizing, manufacturing details, and a barcode. Ensure that the information matches the box label.

5. Purchase from Authorized Retailers

One of the best ways to avoid buying fake Jordan 4s is to purchase from authorized retailers. Official Nike stores and reputable sneaker boutiques are reliable sources for authentic sneakers. While buying from online marketplaces or resellers can be riskier, there are trustworthy platforms that authenticate sneakers before listing them for sale.

Remember, authenticating sneakers goes beyond checking a single aspect. It involves a detailed examination of multiple factors to ensure the legitimacy of a pair. Stay vigilant, use these tips as a guide, and if you’re unsure, consult experienced sneaker enthusiasts or professionals who can provide expert guidance.

Now that you know how to spot fake Jordan 4s, you can confidently navigate the sneaker market and avoid falling for counterfeit products. Authentic Air Jordan 4s hold both cultural and monetary value, making them a valuable addition to any sneaker collection. Happy sneaker hunting!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my Jordan 4s are fake?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine if a pair of Jordan 4s are authentic or fake, but there are several key indicators to look out for:

What are some signs of fake Jordan 4s?

There are a few signs that can help you identify fake Jordan 4s. Look for inconsistencies in the stitching, such as uneven spacing or loose threads. Check the quality of the materials used; authentic pairs are typically made with high-quality leather and durable materials. Pay attention to the Jumpman logo on the heel; on genuine pairs, the logo should be clean, well-defined, and of the correct size. Lastly, check the overall build quality, including the placement of the midsole, air bubble, and other details.

Are there any specific details I should examine?

Yes, when inspecting a pair of Jordan 4s, pay close attention to the materials, colorways, and packaging. Authentic Jordan 4s often feature high-quality leather, precise color combinations without any noticeable bleeding or fading, and come in a well-designed box with proper labeling and tags. Be cautious if you notice any irregularities, such as incorrect logos, misspelled information, or poor packaging quality.

Can I rely solely on price as an indicator of authenticity?

While it’s true that counterfeit Jordan 4s are often sold at significantly lower prices than authentic pairs, relying solely on price can be misleading. Some sellers may inflate prices to make fake pairs seem more genuine, and occasionally, you may find genuine pairs at discounted prices due to sales or promotions. It’s important to combine price analysis with a thorough inspection of the shoes to determine their authenticity accurately.

Is it helpful to compare the suspected fake pair with authentic images online?

Yes, comparing the suspected fake pair with reputable sources of authentic images online can be helpful. Look for official product images from Nike or trusted retailers. Pay attention to details like the placement of logos, font styles, stitching patterns, and other design elements. This visual comparison can provide valuable insights into whether your pair is authentic or not.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, identifying fake Jordan 4s is crucial to avoid falling prey to counterfeit sneakers. By paying attention to key details such as the shape and placement of the Jumpman logo, the quality of materials and stitching, and the accuracy of the colorway, you can determine if a pair of Jordan 4s is authentic or fake. Examining the box, checking the seller’s reputation, and comparing the shoes to official images can further assist in the verification process. By following these guidelines, you can confidently distinguish between genuine Jordan 4s and counterfeit versions. Don’t be fooled by imitations—knowing how to tell if Jordan 4s are fake will protect you from purchasing counterfeit sneakers.


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